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Enduro Training Switzerland

MX-Academy offers Enduro Training as well as Hard Enduro Training

Enduro Training for everyone, Hard Enduro Training for intermediates

Enduro Training for everyone and Enduro beginners:

All equipment required for Enduro Training at MX-Academy can be rented. Of course, you can also take part with your own equipment. Because riding Enduro is strictly forbidden in Switzerland outside of designated tracks, we have special areas and gravel pits on which we perform the Enduro Training in Switzerland. Also, we train Enduro on parts of Motocross tracks.

Events Calendar Enduro Training Switzerland

Enduro Training Switzerland – Enduro Training on the Motocross track Schlatt

For advanced Enduro riders, we train hard Enduro on the track in Schlatt. This contains riding over tree trunks, steep ascents and descents, high banked curves, balance trainings and much more.

Hard Enduro Training

Many things that are important for Motocross Training are also important for Enduro Training. Depending on how much you want to improve your Enduro driving skills, it takes more or less intense training. Thus, many good Enduro riders originally come from Motocross. Those, who want to learn these techniques, can join MX-Academy’s Motocross Team. More about the MX sport in general can be learned here: Motocross Sport.

Enduro Training Switzerland – Gravel pit

Enduro at MX-Academy, we can, thanks to our many different tracks, depending on the location, train other Enduro techniques. An acre for curve training, a gravel pit for ascents, descents and balance exercises like when riding trail Motocross tracks for jumping techniques and much more. The more complete the rider, the better an Enduro rider he is. A good Enduro rider can do everything, also jump, with his Enduro bike. The more riding techniques you master, the more fun it is and the more possibilities there are to ride on an Enduro site.

Enduro Training Switzerland – learning to jump
Enduro Training with own bike

Enduro Training – MX-Academy

Are you interested in taking part in an Enduro Training? In our event schedule Switzerland, you sign up for one. We gladly answer your questions concerning our Enduro Training anytime, just write us an E-Mail or call us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Enduro gear can be bought in MX-Academy’s own Enduro Shop. A coupon for one Enduro Training as a gift can be bought under birthday present. For our female visitors there is more information under Motorcycle women and for children under Kids-Motocross.

Enduro Training: A video about one Enduro Training session at MX-Academy:
Enduro training instructions

We also offer Enduro Training in Germany, information under the marked link 

Enduro Training, Enduro Training Switzerland

Enduro training Switzerland | MX-Academy 

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