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Team event Switzerland, team event ideas

Team event ideas: bring variety in your everyday live – with a special team event in Switzerland

A team event Switzerland at MX-Academy will surely be remembered by your team for a long time

Team event Switzerland at MX-Academy, outdoor motorsports event with adrenaline, speed, coordination, balance feeling, stamina and skill.

Team event Zurich, riding Motocross as a team event Zurich, 30min away from Zurich, we can organize a team event.

Are you looking for a special team event in Switzerland with speed, coordination and engines? Something you don’t do every day? If and your friends are fans of motorsports and motorcycles, Motocross as a team event surely suits you. Motocross pro Chris Möckli and his team offer you an unforgettable Motocross day as a team event in Switzerland. You don’t need any previous knowledge, just a little motivation and fun learning new things. The rest is done by our coaches. General information about MX sport can be found here: Motocross sport

Team events at MX-Academy
Team events at MX-Academy


Should you already have experience at riding Motocross, we give you tips for the improvement of your skills which build on the skills you already have. If you, although, have never sat on a motorcycle before, we show you from the start how to properly sit on a MX bike and how to operate accelerator and clutch. With our help, the beginners learn the basics of riding motocross very fast on one of our team events and can normally soon ride on a beginner track alone.

Team event – team event ideas
Team event – team event ideas

Team event, doing something with your best mates


That is going to be a day full of fun and new experiences: a team event in Switzerland with competitive bikes and beginner motorcycles will enthuse anyone, from the beginner to the experienced street rider.

Team event Switzerland or team event Zurich – Your friends can come to our team event in casual wear and don’t need to bring anything: You can rent everything from us, complete equipment, motorcycles in every size and, if wanted, also board. MX-Academy is getting supported by Honda Switzerland and we have all Honda off-road Motorcycles. From children bikes from 4 years of age, smaller bikes for smaller women and real MX bikes for men. At the team event we briefly introduce you about the motorcycles and the riding technique, after that the riders are divided into respective groups and then we already get to put theory into practice.

Team event in Switzerland – riding MX
Team event in Switzerland – riding MX


Such a team event is an ideal base for more cohesion amongst you. Together, you can experience something special, optimally looked after and full of action and challenge. Possibly, you discover a new, exciting hobby for yourself.

A short video concerning team event and team event idea at MX-Academy:

 Teamevent Schweiz, Feedbacks einiger Teilnehmer:

"Great event, it was really fun. Even the non-motorcycle riders (the majority of the participants) had great fun after a competent introduction. The organization went smoothly form start to end and the care on-site as well as the board were just great. I can truly recommend this team event without reservation"

Ruedi Badertscher, - Player-coach and team leader Wacker3 Handballklub Thun Wacker3 Handballklub Thun


„We wanted to do something exceptional as a team and decided to do an afternoon of Motocross. The team thought fully came into effect this afternoon. We had a professional introduction and with high-quality equipment and fast bikes, we took on the task of riding the bumpy course. We laughed a lot and got advised, our arms started aching after a short time and it was really exhausting. A thoroughly successful event that was a lot of fun for all of us and which will be talked about for months to come!

Thomas Hablützel, - director Hablützel AG Solar- & HaustechnikHablützel AG Solar- & Haustechnik


"Big compliments to the Academy team and Chris Möckli! Serious overall appearance. From signing up to the overall handling to the team which is one single unit. Good, smart people, no show-offs but professionals that surround Chris. Nothing is left to chance. Ingenious overall concept which more than justifies the price of this team event! We experienced a first-class corporate event. BRAVO and big thanks to Chris and his team, it was an unbelievable experience!"

Christian Riner, - company owner Hairbase Intercoiffure Hairbase Intercoiffure


"The firm Fiba experienced a great team event which met great enthusiasm by our young team. In the evening, all of us were quite tired but happy. Today, we think back to this top organized team event with pleasure!"

Paul Fischbacher, - company owner Fiba Metallbau GmbH Fiba Metallbau GmbH






Team event Switzerland, team event ideas by MX-Academy 


Are you looking for an exciting, action-loaded and fun team event for an exceptional experience with your friends? MX-Academy offers you just that with Motocross as a team event. Contact us via E-Mail, Contact form or phone and experience the time of your life, we look forward to hearing from you!

If the team event is for a company, you can find more information under corporate event.

Team event offers can be found here:

[Team event Switzerland PDF]

If you want to first try riding Motocross before you invite your friends or secretly want to get a competitive edge, you can sign up for an event in our event schedule Switzerland.

Team event – cozy get-together after the riding
Team event – cozy get-together after the riding


Teamevent Switzerland | MX-Academy


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