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Motocross, Enduro and motorcycle courses Switzerland

Motocross and Enduro courses for everyone. With professional equipment and instruction, you can learn MX riding, give it away as gift or do it with colleagues!

You want to improve your skills on the motorcycle with a motocross and Enduro course? You’ve always wanted to sit on a motocross or an Enduro motorcycle? With MX-Academy, you are just one step away from it! All you need for the participation at a course is a bit of motivation. Previous knowledge or a license are not required.

Motocross and motorcycle courses for drivers with own bike and equipment:

(Configuration, fall damages and maintenance of motorcycle not inclusive)

Course at week days 150 CHF (129,44€) 3.5 hours individual training for beginners, advanced or professionals, tipps and tricks by Chris Moeckli, track rent inclusive
Course at weekend 180 CHF (155,33€) 4 hours individual training for beginners, advanced and professionals, tipps and tricks by Chris Moeckli, track rent inclusive


Motocross course and Enduro course without own motorcycle and/or equipment 

Motorcycle renting 200 CHF (60,41€) Fuel, normal usage, configuration and maintenance inclusive, fall damages not inclusive
Complete safety equipment 70 CHF (60,41€) Helmet, chest-/elbow-/spine-/knee-protector, boots, gloves, trousers and shirt inclusive
Basic course costs (support and track rent at week days) 40 CHF (34,52€) mandatory
Basic course costs (support and track rent at weekend) 90 CHF (77,67€) mandatory
Coaching 50 CHF (43,15€)

IIndividual training for intermediates, (curve, jumping techniques), tipps and tricks by Chris Moeckli

Basic instructions for motorcycle beginners, personal support until you are able to drive by yourself

Fare 25 CHF (21,57€) Fare, snacks and drinks for the whole day


Special offers:

MX couple (at week days):

Married couple, boyfriend/girlfriend, dad/son or mother/daughter

450 CHF (388,33€) Motorcycle rent, basic course and track rent

MX couple (at weekends):

Married couple, boyfriend/girlfriend, dad/son, mother/daughter

550 CHF (474,63€) Motorcycle rent, basic course and track rent

MX team event (at weekends)

Closed group (max. 20 drivers)

On request 4 hours of motocross (Sa and Su)

MX team event (at week days)

Closed group (max. 20 drivers)

On request 3.5 hours of motocross (Tue, Wed, Thu)

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Please recognize that there is a minimum number of 15 participants for all courses.

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Enduro and motocross training

Motocross course for everyone – in one of our motocross and Enduro courses we will help beginners without a license as well as adults, children or experienced Enduro and street pilots. At MX-Academy by Chris Moeckli who is two-time European champion he is supported by other extreme experienced trainers who will take care of you professionally. Round by round, you will learn the features of the Motocross and Enduro track, learn the handling of the motorcycle and also the theory of correct Motocross riding. More about Motocross training can be found following the highlighted link. At Enduro training, you can see more about Enduro courses. MX-Academy also offers advanced riding training, lean angle training and driving safety training motorcycle. Just follow the highlighted links to learn more. Information for women and children at MX-Academy can be found at kids-motocross and women motocross.

Your safety is most important for us: the newest models of the Honda Motocross series and a complete Motocross safety equipment will guarantee you the maximum protection.

At MX-Academy, we only offer high end championship motorcycles with a weight of 100kg and 40 horse powers. This is not comparable to a street motorcycle. Because of that, you need to learn the correct riding techniques and because of that the coaching is mandatory for all drivers who visit us for the first time.


Our offers:

  • Support by an experienced motocross driver
  • Usage of a Honda MotoX-machine
  • Usage of the motocross track
  • Petrol for the motorcycles
  • Clean up and maintenance of the motocross machines
  • Normal usage
  • Memories

Not included:

  • Arrival and Departure
  • MX safety equipment (can be booked)
  • Fare (can be booked)
  • Fall damage



Become member of MX-Academy racing team and profit from exclusive benefits 

You are enthusiastic about motocross driving so you want to drive on a regular basis? You want to get to know the atmosphere of a motocross race? MX-Academy’s racing team is the right place for you! With our professional partners by our side, you will be able to expand your skills and achieve huge successes.

In these areas we will support you:

  • stamina training
  • riding techniques
  • Material setup
  • Mental training
  • Starting techniques
  • Team organization
  • Marketing
  • Much more…

Read more about it here!

Besides motocross course Switzerland we have our own motoshop. You can find many interesting offers at the motocross shop of MX-Academy.

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