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Motocross Training Switzerland

MX-Academy offers Motocross Training in Switzerland

At motocross school of two-time European champion Chris Moeckli, you are able to learn all motocross techniques at a motocross training at MX-Academy
Motocross training curve riding

We have different tracks to learn all techniques in motocross sport. All advanced riding techniques are based on the basic techniques. Comparable to building a skyscraper, the basic techniques represent the foundation. The more solid and perfect the foundation, the faster and higher you can build. Riding motocross faster can never be forced but is only possible by improving riding skills. The faster you go, the smaller the time area gets to react and the more precise the balance from the stance has to be. The greater the speed, the more perfect the timing and the control over the machine has to be. All of this can be learned in the correct order within a motocross training at MX-Academy.

motocross training Switzerland with Chris Moeckli, jump training
motocross training Chris Moeckli demonstrates

If someone has already learned wrong basic techniques, it is very elaborate and much discipline is necessary to reduce these habits and train the corret motion sequences. Because of this, it is much more effective to learn the correct riding techniques at a qualified motocross training. This prevents unnecessary detours. Because of this, quality in motocross training is much more meaningful than quantity.

All motocross material can be rented at MX-Academy. We offer motocross training for kids. Information about that can be found at the site Kids-Motocross. We also have small and light motocross bikes for women and also motocross newcomers are warmly welcome to visit MX-Academy. Information for this can be found at site women motocross. We run motocross training in different groups and analyze the weaknesses of every rider. Accordingly, we are able to perform an individually adapted motocross training for every rider.

Motocross Training Tips and Tricks by Chris Moeckli and his coach team

The advanced techniques like all jumping techniques, sand riding, groove riding, curve techniques, drifting and many more cannot be achieved by attending only one motocross training. It is possible to get the necessary input and train on his/her own afterwards. Much more effective and without the danger to train something wrong, we offer the motocross trainings in our Motocross Team of MX-Academy. We warmly welcome every motocross rider in our motocross trainings who understands that one can only rider faster with the right techniques.

Motocross Training with own motorcycle

For riders with enough will and talent who additionally want to perform the necessary training, it is possible to join the official Honda team of MX-Academy – sponsoring inclusive.

Motocross Training at MX-Academy Switzerland

All motocross Training dates at MX-Academy can be seen in the mx event schedule. It is also possible to book the matching date there. If you have questions about motocross training at MX-Academy do not hesitate to write an E-Mail or call. We are looking forward to welcome you at MX-Academy!

General information about physical and mental requirements and riding techniques can be found at the site Motocross Sport.

The motocross related situation in Switzerland can be checked at the site Motocross Switzerland.

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If you are looking for new motocross equipment, you can find many interesting offers at motocross shop of MX-Academy. Apart from buying a Motocross, you can also buy many different motocross bikes.

 Motocross training Switzerland | MX-Academy

Motocross training in Zurich, Winterthur, Frauenfeld, St.Gallen, Lucerne, Chur, Innerschweiz, Aarau, Central Switzerland, Eastern Switzerland and Northern Switzerland, Thurgau, Solothurn, Schaffhausen, Berne, Aargau, Schwyz, Glarus, Graubünden, Biel, Rheintal, Uster, Basel.

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