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Motocross Shop

Motocross Shop of MX-Academy

Motocross Shop with favourable and used MX articles for beginners and motocross equipment for high claims
Motocross Shop Switzerland of MX-Academy
Motocross Shop Switzerland of MX-Academy
Motocross Shop Switzerland with Honda department
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At Motocross Shop of MX-Academy we offer affordable as well as used motocross clothing and equipment. This is the best possible equipment for newcomers, adolescent drivers or riders with a low budget. We also offer motocross clothing for high end demands and competition riders.

Here is an assortment as an example

Here, you can see examples of equipment for high demands (left hand side) to very favourable equipment (right hand side):

Motocross glasses

At motocross shop we offer a variety of motocross glasses, for example 100% glasses:

Arai motocross helmet

At motocross shop of MX-Academy, there are also Arai motocross helmets which are well known to be the safest and best quality helmets:

Motocross accessories

Motocross supplies like motocross T-keys or fast fill canisters with automatic cutoff when the tank is filled completely and much more is also available at motocross shop

Motocross equipment

There are also offers for complete motocross equipment, used, new and in different price ranges in the motocross shop:

Motocross motorcycle sizes

All available sizes of motorcycles on the market are also available – used or new – at our motocross shop. All motorcycles can be seen following the highlighted link motocross motorcycles.

We would gladly advise you during the process of finding the best motocross equipment for your needs and budget. Feel free to contact us anytime via the contact form, an E-Mail to  or via phone call +41796943477.

More offers of the motocross shop can be seen at online motocross shop and MX-Academy moto- and motocross shop. Have fun browsing through the offers!

Motocross shop Honda shop

Honda Motocross motorcycles from wholesaler MX-Academy for the best price conditions!

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