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Motocross equipment, MX gear

Motocross equipment for young and old

Do you also want to buy a complete set of Motocross equipment? Here, we present you different options

There are countless sets of Motocross equipment on the market – Most of the time, due to the large selection, you are simply overwhelmed and as a result, you don’t know what’s the best product for you. With us, you have the possibility to buy a complete set of Motocross equipment in your size. Many of these products are also used in our Motocross courses and have convinced multiple times. So, you can also wear and test parts of the equipment when you take part in a Motocross training.

We present you different sets of Motocross equipment

Motocross equipment for the regular use

This Motocross equipment is put together from the best products and is perfectly suited for regular use or intense Training. Naturally, you can also change single pieces of the equipment with another one.


Motocross gear - the gear for a regular training
Motocross gear - the gear for a regular training


Cheap Motocross gear - for regular riders and beginners

This is a cheaper version of the motocross equipment and ideal for beginners, occasional drivers or even pilots with a smaller budget. Also these parts, meet all the criteria.


Motocross gear cheap
Motocross gear cheap


Motocross equipment Switzerland for women and children

We also offer many sets of equipment for women and children. – Here, we put together one set, respectively, where single pieces can simply be changed. This set can also be purchased in different sizes and colors.


                                     Motocross equipment for women                           Motocross equipment for children

                                                                                     Motocross equipment for women and children


Buy Motocross equipment Switzerland

In MX-Academy’s Motocross shop, you can see and order all possibilities of Motocross equipment. – When you click on the marked link, you get to the website. To find the perfect set for you, we gladly give you advise. – You can also try on the equipment when you visit our shop and put it together after your wishes. You can make an appointment via phone under +4179 694 34 77 – We would be happy to see you!

An even cheaper option is a complete used Motocross equipment – this can be bought from MX-Academy school. So, you can first test the equipment and then decide upon a complete equipment or just single pieces. You can see all events in our Motocross event schedule and also sign up for a Motocross taster course.

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For Enduro riders, we also offer a complete Enduro equipment. More information under the marked link.

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Motocross equipment, Motocross equipment Switzerland

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