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Kids quad, Mini quad

Kid quad riding and mini quad Switzerland

Mini quad and kids quad riding starting at the age of 4 years – MX-Academy Switzerland

Even for the youngest kids we offer kid quad. Depending on body size and riding skills, there are many different quad models. The basic rules for mini quad are the same as with Kids-Motocross – learning the correct techniques. For kid quad riding it is import for the children to learn the correct basics from beginning on. The better they know the basics the more fun the riding will be.

It is important not to underestimate the power and weight of the kid quad models. Because of that, it is important to wear complete motocross safety equipment while riding. Only if the kid masters a quad model and a track he should change to the next more powerful model and harder track.

Kids quad – mini quad driving
Kids quad – mini quad driving


Kids-Quad Switzerland – MX-Academy

This kid quad is equipped with a cubic capacity of 90ccm. The model is best suited for kids and adolescents who already achieved some skills. You can observe this quad in our motocross shop. More information about this quad can be found at buy ATV.

Kids quad Switzerland
Kids quad Switzerland


Buying a kid quad – MX-Academy Switzerland

You want to buy a mini quad for your child? For this purpose, we offer a small quad. With 50ccm this model is ideal for beginners in quad riding. It is equipped with an emergency stop so if the rider falls, the quad will automatically stop. This mini quad can be seen at the shop at MX-Academy. More information and pictures can be seen at kid quad buying Switzerland.


Buy kids quad Switzerland
Buy kids quad Switzerland


Kid quad and mini quad riding at MX-Academy

You can book the kid quad riding for your child here – following the highlighted Link you will find all kid quad events

Kid quad – mini quad prices

Quad rent 200,00 CHF (172,59€) Fuel, normal usage, configuration inclusive (fall damages not inclusive)
Complete safety equipment 70,00 CHF (60,41€) Helmet, chest-, elbow- and spine-protector, knee protector, boots, gloves, trousers and shirt
Course costs (support and track rent on week days) 40,00 CHF (34,52€) mandatory
Course costs (support and track rent on weekend days) 90,00 CHF (77,67€) mandatory
Extra Coaching 50,00 CHF (43,15€)

Individual training for advanced, tips and tricks by Chris Moeckli, basic instructions for motorcycle driving for beginners and start training (for beginners mandatory), personal support by a coach

Fare 25,00 CHF (21,57€) Fare, snacks, drinks for the whole day, at SA lunch inclusive


If you want to try motocross riding, you can book a motocross taste course. Because the training is performed in a private area, no license is needed!

Mini quad equipment

A complete motocross equipment is also suitable for mini quad driving.

If you have any questions regarding kid quad, do not hesitate to contact us! Send an E-Mail to or call us via +4176 389 76 68. We are looking forward to welcoming you at MX-Academy!


- Have fun surfing!


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